Most of Our Friends
Started out As Clients

When they formed Newmeyer & Dillion LLP in 1984, Tom Newmeyer and Greg Dillion believed that lawyers are not simply professionals. Successful, sought-after lawyers know that they are in the service business. Tom and Greg wanted to build a full-service business law firm where clients would stay for a lifetime. They felt that this could be best achieved by providing excellent personalized service, a top quality work product, and the best results possible. As the Firm grew, they knew precisely the type of lawyers they were looking to attract. Great credentials were not enough. They wanted attorneys who were creative in finding economical and expeditious solutions for their clients and who exercised good judgment in all that they do.

Creativity is key. As no two problems are exactly alike, no two solutions should be either. A creative attorney will think not only through, but also around, a problem and craft a solution fitted to the unique needs and desires of the client. That is what the clients of Newmeyer & Dillion have come to expect and that is what is delivered. Similarly, an attorney with good judgment knows that the client comes first, that calls must be returned promptly, and that the client deserves the best possible work product and results.

How an attorney deals with the people within the office is equally important at Newmeyer & Dillion. Attorneys who are liked, trusted and respected by those with whom they work are effective in building teams who are loyal and dependable. This results in higher professionalism, better work product, better results, and better service to the client. It also creates an environment where people enjoy their work.

Newmeyer & Dillion's approach has paid off. Our growth into a full-service business law firm has been steady and stable, even when other firms have downsized. At over 70 attorneys in three offices, Newmeyer & Dillion is now the 4th-largest indigenous law firm in Orange County. Newmeyer & Dillion is not a spin-off, a merger or an amalgamation. Writing on a blank slate, it has created its own values, culture and vision that make it unique to its clients and its personnel and made it one of the fastest growing and most successful firms in California and Nevada.

Firm Charter


  • Highest ethics and professionalism
  • Exemplary and enthusiastic client service and care
  • Creative, innovative, and unique approaches, strategies, tactics, and solutions
  • Outstanding work product
  • Efficient and cost-effective achievement of client goals


  • Like, trust, respect, loyalty
  • Honor, integrity, initiative, responsibility, and accountability
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Courtesy and common decency
  • Teamwork
  • Fun in the practice of law


To provide superior legal services within a collegial and supportive environment that is professionally satisfying and economically rewarding and allows for a fulfilling life outside the firm.