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You Make A Better Wall Than A Window: Why Policyholders Can Rest Assured That Insurers Should Pay Legal Bills For Claims With Potential For Coverage By Graham C. Mills, Alan H. Packer

Unfortunately, policyholders, such as manufacturers and contractors, routinely face the unnecessary challenge of how to access all of the insurance coverage which they have purchased. Frequently, the most pressing need is to get the insurance company to pay the legal bills when the policyholders have been sued. The recent Iowa federal district court opinion in Pella Corporation v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company should help a policyholder in a dispute to require its insurance company to pay those legal bills sooner rather than later by highlighting that the duty to defend arises from the potential for coverage, and the insurer may not force the policyholder to prove the damage to obtain a defense.

March 6, 2018

Newmeyer & Dillion Celebrates "10 Years & Growing" in Walnut Creek By Alan H. Packer

Celebrating 10 years in Walnut Creek, Newmeyer & Dillion hosted an open house for their clients, friends and employees to celebrate “10 Years & Growing!”

July 14, 2015

Court of Appeal Clarifies Indemnitee's Right to Present New Evidence After Settling with Injured Party By Alan H. Packer

When a claimant advances a damage claim based on one causation theory, but the defense investigation reveals a different cause of the damage, what evidence can be used in an indemnity or insurance trial regarding causation?

April 29, 2015

Changing Business Entity Forms? By Alan H. Packer

Complications arising from state licensing laws can jeopardize a construction contractor’s ability to get paid...

January 6, 2015

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